Korean War Veterans Memorials - Wall Art

Painting or Photographs about the Korean War or Korean War Veterans Memorial and commemorates of the Korean War or "The Forgotten War." ..... It has become known as the forgotten war, by the families and men who fought and died there for Freedom...... Even today over 60 years later, when the Media mentions wars, they include WWII, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, but the majority of time skip of the the Korean war. ..... Yet, one out of every nine who went to Korea, was killed in action, higher average than WWII or Vietnam and any war since the civil war. The families and friends of those who gave their all, will not forget them...... Freedom is not free..... Here, one finds the expression of American gratitude to those who restored freedom to South Korea. Nineteen stainless steel sculptures stand silently under the watchful eye of a sea of faces upon a granite wall, reminders of the human cost of defending freedom. These elements all bear witness to the patriotism, devotion to duty, and courage of Korean War veterans. ..... ..... For almost 50 years, Bob could not consider painting about the Korean War. Then, did his first painting, "To Honor a close Friend, Killed in the Korean War." That seemed to break down the barrier. Bob had been doing a lot of Photography for years of Peaceful landscapes and in 1992 finally began painting, after decades of Nadine suggesting he do so. Bob painted many landscapes, just was not ready to deal with the emotions about his three tours in the Korean War.. Bob would not even go to the Korean Memorial for years after it had been built. But, friends kept encouraging him to go, and one day his brother said he would meet him there if he would make the trip, so finally we went. It proved to be the Inspiration for his first painting about Korea, and a healing experience. Even today over 60 years later and years of therapy, he still gets very stressed when reading or seeing anything violent on TV........ Nadine Johnston

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Korean War Veterans Memorials

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